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What We Do

GB Foam and Mattress is a foam mattress factory and supplier in Sandcrest Park in Glen Anil, Durban North, about 20 minutes north of Durban. We specialize in quality bed and mattress sets using high density foams.

Our range of foam bedding products is aimed at supplying the hospitality industry right through to showroom sales at our factory.

About GB Foam

Customized Beds

Over and above supplying standard bedding products, because we are the bed and mattress manufacturer, we are also able to manufacture according to your specifications, including hospital beds.

If you are looking for a company that is experienced in supplying the hospitality industry, please contact us.

About GB Foam

Company History

The company was established in 1994 with Graham Boynes as the sole proprietor and a staff compliment of six. The aim of the business is to supply converted foam cushions, foam sheets and all related soft furnishings to the furniture industry. In 1996 with the assistance from the Department of Trade & Industry, the equipment for the assembly of bed and mattresses was purchased. In 1999 the company converted to a Close Corporation and started to specialize in manufacturing a range of premium quality beds and foam mattresses for hospitality markets as well as beds to cater for schools, student accommodation, universities, hospitals and prisons.

Factory Warranties

All our products are supplied with factory warranties and by using good quality high-density foam are able to customize requirements in terms of comfort, size and price.

About GB Foam

Our Team

Today, our staff complement is twelve and we have two factories based in Glen Anil just north of Durban. We have established a comprehensive range of products as well as customers over the last 24 years in an extremely competitive market.

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